Polaroid Partners with RealD for New 3D Glasses Line

Illustration for article titled Polaroid Partners with RealD for New 3D Glasses Line

Polaroid is looking to get a piece of the three dimensional pie, inking a deal with 3D tech firm RealD. This means the next pair of 3D frames you pick up in a movie theater could be Polaroid's curved-lens design.


Polaroid claims the curved surfaces provide a superior viewing area for large, theater-caliber screens, and ample room for prescription lenses underneath. Polaroid points out that the lenses offer UV protection as well, should you wish to jaunt around outside wearing them. Please do not do this. Just trust us.



Because these work by polarizing light entering your eyes differently per eye, it is kinda cool to look at someone else while wearing them (they wear a pair too). You'll only be able to see each of their eyes with one of yours, giving a weird stereoscopic view.

Of course, without UV protection, the darkened glasses will cause your pupils to expand slightly, allowing more UV radiation in, damaging your eyes more.

Really, there is no point in wearing 3d glasses outside the theatre, but it is kinda cool for about 15 seconds before you get bored of the effect.