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Police Release Bodycam Footage of Encounter With Nasim Aghdam Hours Before YouTube Shooting

Gif: Mountain View Police

On April 3rd, a woman named Nasim Aghdam entered YouTube’s main campus in San Bruno, California through a parking garage and opened fire, wounding three employees of the video-sharing platform before fatally shooting herself in the chest. Just hours before, Aghdam had been stopped by police in Mountain View.


Footage of the encounter, released by Mountain View Police on Friday, takes place around 1:38am, when officrs correlated the license plate of the car Aghdam was asleep in to one associated with an “at risk” missing person. Three days prior, her family had reported her missing. “I left my family. I don’t live with them anymore,” she tells officers in the footage, “We don’t get along together.”

Aghdam claimed to be in Mountain View trying to find work. She hadn’t told her family she had planned to leave and had intentionally left the cell phone she normally used in San Diego, presumably to avoid contact. Officers ask if she has plans to hurt herself or anyone else. Aghdam says she does not.


According to a statement from the Mountain View Police Department Aghdam “in no way met any reason for us to speak with her further or possibly detain her” and when police called her family to notify them she’d been located her, “at no point did her father or brother mention anything about potential acts of violence.”

The officers’ interaction with Aghdam begins around minute 13.

[Mercury News]

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Cue the “how could police miss her issues in this encounter and let her attack happen?” All I can say is I’m glad I’m not on the police force. If they over react, they’re blamed. If they under react, they’re blamed. We require them to be perfectly omniscient, endlessly analyze and second guess their split second life or death decisions from the comfort of our keyboards, plus they have the added bonus of maybe getting killed if they guess wrong about how they do their job.