Poppin' Joystick Makes Cellphone Gaming Easier

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One of the biggest things keeping cell phone games from being anything more than a nice distraction while you're on the can at work is the fact that those button layouts flat-out suck for gaming. I once excitedly downloaded Mega Man to my V710 (note to self: get a new phone) only to discover it was basically unplayable and I had just tossed another $5 into the bottomless, ravenous maw of Verizon Wireless.


This concept design looks to make phones a little more game-friendly. By popping the center button out into an analog joystick, it makes your phone much more capable at controlling games, if stopping substantially short of making it full-out game comfortable. Will we see this design on phones in the future? Who knows (it's tough to trust any design website with a .ru extension), but it certainly looks better than most phone's game controls out there now.


IndustrialDesign.ru [via Core 77]

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You just admitted to having arguably the worst phone verizon has released in its ignominious history. The v710 was literally the cause of a successful class-action suit against VZW brought by the suckers that bought that raging piece o' shite. (OK, OK... I was one of those suckers too.)

But by Thor's Hammer, man, how can you STILL roll like that? (and no, your pithy "note to self" doesn't justify it.) I actually ditched VZW altogether over the whole fiasco.

PS I drank a whole cooler of haterade with v710 written all over it. It might have spilled over a bit. But a v710?!?!?! jeeez