Porsche Design Unveils P'9521 Mobile Phone

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Here's Porsche Design Mobile Group director Stephane Bret holding up his company's latest prototype, a clamshell cellphone that looks fast even while it's standing still. Not much information accompanied these pics, but as you can plainly see, this Porsche Design Mobile Phone P'9521 is a flip phone and has a squared-off design that might be attractive, but we'd have to hold one in our hands before we could really tell.

Take a look at the clamshell opened up, and see what you think.


Ah, Porsche, you design ho, what are we going to do with you? You've been gallivanting around, designing everything from espresso machines to yachts to GPS devices to external hard drives to cigar humidors to toasters to . . . hey, here's another phone, and an ugly one at that. And oh yeah: We hear you design a car or two. Slut.

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