Porsche's New $1,700 Option: A Starter Battery

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Yeah, it's significantly (22 pounds) lighter than its lead acid counterpart, but the trustworthy car geeks at Jalopnik insist there's no way this thing is worth the $1,700 upgrade price. The phrase "overpaid, insecure idiots" came into play. [Jalopnik]


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It reduces weight, yes, which is gold on a racetrack. 22 lbs lost on a race car is like a lottery win. But it's also shorter, so the weight it does have, is lower in the car, thereby helping to lower the overall C/G - which is also racetrack gold.

Of course, most of the buyers will be balding insecure idiots who buy it for their appendage replacement vehicle because it's $1,700, not because they race their cars.