Portable Bidet Takes Plastic Water Bottles To New Depths

Illustration for article titled Portable Bidet Takes Plastic Water Bottles To New Depths

Not every bathroom in the world is civilized enough to have a bidet. And so you never have to find yourself in a position where you're reaching for toilet paper, the Hygienna Solo turns any plastic water bottle into a handheld portable bidet. How—um—practical?


It sounds a little gross, and quite frankly, it kind of is. Once you've attached the three-inch spigot to a standard water bottle you just position it you know where, give the bottle a squeeze, and hope with all your heart there's minimal splash-back. When you're finished, the Hygienna's creators recommend giving it a good wash with soapy water, but at just $10 we'd be inclined to take the less disgusting route and just buy a new one every time.

Available in teal or pink the Hygienna is designed to be used by both sexes, and we like the fact that you can switch between a small Evian bottle or a two-liter Coke bottle depending on how your bathroom visit plays out. [Hygienna]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I've never used a bidet myself, but considering the obsession most of the western world has with hygiene, I'm actually surprised the idea of a bidet hasn't caught on in many countries.