Portable Bidet Takes Plastic Water Bottles To New Depths

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Not every bathroom in the world is civilized enough to have a bidet. And so you never have to find yourself in a position where you're reaching for toilet paper, the Hygienna Solo turns any plastic water bottle into a handheld portable bidet. How—um—practical?

It sounds a little gross, and quite frankly, it kind of is. Once you've attached the three-inch spigot to a standard water bottle you just position it you know where, give the bottle a squeeze, and hope with all your heart there's minimal splash-back. When you're finished, the Hygienna's creators recommend giving it a good wash with soapy water, but at just $10 we'd be inclined to take the less disgusting route and just buy a new one every time.


Available in teal or pink the Hygienna is designed to be used by both sexes, and we like the fact that you can switch between a small Evian bottle or a two-liter Coke bottle depending on how your bathroom visit plays out. [Hygienna]