Postage Stamps Go High-Tech With QR Code-Like Stamp Readable by Apps

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The UK's Royal Mail may've been kicking around in some shape or form since 1516, but they've become the first postal service to create an "intelligent stamp," readable like a QR code by an Android or iPhone app.

They're being particularly cagey about how the stamp works, in typical Royal Mail fashion (I swear I'm still waiting for parcels to be delivered from 2005), but with the Junaio app being free on both platforms, anyone in the UK can check it out from next week.

And of course, international philatelists could beg their British friends to post them a letter with the high-tech stamp, which is part of the Great British Railways series. One of the features that can be unlocked is a reading of W.H Auden's poem The Night Train, by Bernard Cribbins. [BBC and TechRadar]