Pow!: High-Tech Boom

There's no such thing as bad publicity in show business, right? Except maybe when your band gains notoriety thanks to being mentioned in a slightly bigger band's smarmy tantrum of a farewell letter to San Francisco and its rapidly gentrifying ways.


Thee Oh Sees front-man and Castle Face Records co-owner John Dwyer has had it up to here with San Francisco and all of the rich folk moving into the city. At the end of TOS' December 18th show at the Great American Music Hall, Dwyer announced the band would be going on hiatus "for a long while" while he himself would be moving to LA. Presumably because there aren't any rich people living there?


He promptly followed that statement up with a press release—vaguely resembling an announcement of the debut album from local garage band trio Pow!—with this rambling diatribe:

San Francisco has long been filling up with noobs...but now we face the most dangerous, the most egregious and blandest of them all... people with lots of money.
NOBODY can square-up a joint like rich people.

POW! have written a punk eulogy to our fair city.

Pop up shops!
Specialty shops!
What the fuck is happening???

There goes the taqueria that used to kick ass, replaced by a deli with a line of assholes a mile long. "I wonder what the sandwiches are like and do they make their own salsa?"
It's enough to be the catalyst for a bad day or a great fucking song. [...]

This is that band, this is that song. No, that is not Skrillex on keyboards. [Uptown Almanac]

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Oh, if only the Mission was like the good old days, when it was full of exploited Mexican immigrants, crack heads, and senseless violence!

I do wish rent was cheaper, and the well-documented rise of $8 toast is fucking stupid, but SF has always been a boomtown. "Gosh darn these guldern Miners filling up the place, opening up their fancy brothels and running their dandy railroad tracks here! I remember was SF was all Missionaries and fisherman! It was authentic then."