Precious Hints About Wolverine's Most Anticipated Guest Star

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Good morning, spoiler lovers! A Fox exec dropped some hints about the character everybody's most pumped up about in the new X-Men prequel film starring Wolverine. A new Transformers 2 set pic reveals who's on set in a crucial sequence. And we got hold of another huge batch of script pages for an upcoming Chuck episode, where he parties like he's never partied before. Plus there are some bang-on new spoilers for Doctor Who, Quantum Of Solace, Heroes, Fringe, Smallville, Sarah Connor Chronicles and My Own Worst Enemy. The love of spoilers is both wholesome and nourishing. Wolverine: So now that Ryan Reynolds is playing Deadpool, the merc with a mouth, in the new Wolverine movie, how will Deadpool look? Fox chairman Tom Rothman says Deadpool is "an integral part" of the movie, and a lot of CG work is being done to make him look as state-of-the-art and perfect as possible. Does that mean Deadpool will have his trademark scarring? Rothman just says the fans will be very happy with the result. [IESB] Quantum Of Solace: Is the new James Bond movie more science fiction-y than the last one? A new video interview with the movie's VFX designer will not fill you with optimism on that score, although it does look cool. [IGN] Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: New location snaps reveal that not only are Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox on set at the "Boneyard" of dead military planes, but John Turturro (Agent Simmons) and Ramon Rodriguez (new character Leo) are there too. [OnLocationNews via TFW2005]

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Fringe: We'll learn more about Peter's shadowy past. We'll meet a "knockabout" woman in her thirties, who warns Peter that people are after him. And a tough guy in his thirties who's actually after Peter. Plus a third character, a pudgy guy in his fifties with "a killer's eyes." All three could become recurring roles. [EW] And here's a new TV Guide cover featuring the show:

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Doctor Who: This year's Christmas special is "smaller" and "more intimate" than the previous whiz-bang entries, says Russell T. Davies. But "the ending is ferociously huge." And RTD hints that he needed a familiar enemy, like the Cybermen, to help facilitate the more intimate storyline. (Presumably because you don't have to set them up as much.) [Planet Gallifrey] Heroes: So is Ando really dead? Nah. That footage we showed ages ago of Hiro in a magic shop? It was Hiro looking for a fake blood pack and a trick sword so he could "stab" Ando. I know, it's shocking. [The ODI] Also, last week's jaunt to the future, with waffle-making Sylar, is probably the last trip to the future that we'll see any time soon. Either Maury or Arthur knew Hiro would be opening the safe and sent Daphne to grab the formula at the right moment. The father of Isaac the painter is not dead, and we could still see Isaac again. We'll learn more about the Haitian and his family in episodes 10 and 11. And we still will learn who's the mother of Sylar's kid, but the answer may surprise us. [The ODI again] Sarah Connor Chronicles: Looks like Kendra Shaw is getting sex-ay on Monday's Terminator episode:

My Own Worst Enemy: As the episodes go on, the transitions between nice Henry and naughty Edward will get faster and faster, and he'll be switching back and forth in the same scene. [SpoilerTV] Chuck: We got hold of a bunch of script pages (for casting) from episode 13, the one with the cocky rock star, Tyler Martin. Tyler has just come back from Africa, and some of his new CDs have a secret ticket to a special concert he's playing, which will be filmed in 3-D. Tyler plays an in-store event at the Buy More, and his manager asks for a buffer between Tyler and the nerds. Casey stabs Tyler with his Buy More pen, tranquilizing him so they can drag him away for questioning. Tyler pees in a fountain outside, and remarks on what a great restroom this is, because the ceiling looks just like the night sky. Chuck tells Tyler the record company hired him to keep him safe, and tries to convince him to stay put, but Tyler says it's "party night" and drags Chuck along. Tyler tosses Chuck's phone in the fountain. Tyler winds up talking Chuck into going partying, promising to be the greatest wing man ever. Chuck gets surrounded with beautiful women. Tyler tells Chuck to "taste the many flavors of the world," and shows Chuck his many tattoos in various languages, commemorating the amazing things he's done. Meanwhile, Morgan says he has an extra ticket to the Tyler Martin premiere, and it would normally go to his best friend Chuck, but Chuck isn't into Tyler Martin. So Jeff and Lester have the opportunity to compete to be Morgan's "vice best friend" and go with Morgan. They have to compete by wearing 3-D glasses, and the one who takes them off last wins. They get woozier and woozier. Tyler tells all the hot women that Chuck writes all his songs, and is a great bass player and a gifted lover. Meanwhile, Tyler is in danger from Achmed the Super Fan, who has a trench coat lined with grenades. In one scene, Chuck warns Tyler not to go into a bedroom with some bodacious groupies, because they're really assassins. Tyler shoves Chuck in there, because Chuck needs the action more than he does. Chuck asks the "vixens" if he can go splash water on his face, and they say sure as long as he leaves his pants behind. So Chuck leaves his pants, but then the vixens wind up throwing a dagger at him and he ends up on the window ledge talking to Sarah on the phone. And later, our heroes are looking for the bad guy who's out to harm Tyler, and they think they can recognize him by his trademark trench coat — but the bad guy gives identical trenchcoats to a dozen or so teenage fans, along with free tickets to Tyler's concert. Achmed the Super Fan finally tracks down Chuck and Tyler, and Chuck says he knows all about the connection between Tyler's tattoos and the enriched uranium that Achmed is trying to sell. (Achmed used Tyler's foreign-language tattoos to move important secrets around the world.) Chuck threatens to send an email unless Achmed hands over the gun. Achmed complies, but then has a retractable knife to stab Chuck with. Tyler saves Chuck and they run away, and they wind up running out on stage, where Tyler's band starts to play because they see their frontman. Finally, Casey and Sarah get Achmed, and Tyler plays his concert. In the end, Casey tells Tyler he has to get his fancy tattoos removed, and Tyler agrees. Tyler tells Chuck they can party together any time, and Chuck says it's not his scene. Tyler tells Sarah he threw every beautiful woman in the world at Chuck, but all Chuck did was talk about Sarah. She is stunned. [Casting pages] Smallville: In the eagerly awaited Legion of Super-Heroes episode written by Geoff Johns, the Legionnaires who show up are the same three who appeared in the LSH's first ever appearance: Garth, Imra and Rokk, with powers of electricity, telepathy and magnetism respectively. The reason they've traveled back to our time is because of Brainiac taking over Chloe. Eventually, Clark and the Legion work together to separate Chloe from her Brainiac side. [Kryptonsite]


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