Prediction: HD DVD Not Dead, Toshiba Will Produce Dual Format HD Players

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We snagged a second with Wolfgang Schlichting, IDC's research director for removable storage, to ask what the picture looks like for HD DVD. His thoughts? HD DVD isn't dead yet. Toshiba will probably produce dual format players (Blu-ray and HD DVD) and differentiate with HD DVD-only on the low-end. The key is for them to stay strong through the next year. One of the most insightful predictions we've heard about the format war since the Warner defection.


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I don't think you get it.

Toshiba IS surrendering. They are accepting a blu-ray world. But they are also announcing that they will support their ONE MILLION customers — and especially people with HD DVD disc collections — forever.

Just like Sony did with Beta for YEARS after beta died. You could buy a new Sony Beta deck well into the 90's. Just in case yours broke and you didn't want to lose all those baby's-first-step tapes.

At least SOME company here is thinking about their customers. Sure isn't Warner, who left at least 39% of them high and dry.

So, people THINK before you dump on Toshiba here. By making blu-ray players they are surrendering, and by making duals they are being tru to their customers. If it was you on the losing end, you'd understand.

Why are blu-ray folks such ugly winners?