Preeminent Villain Actor Richard E. Grant Joins Wolverine 3 as Mad Scientist

Image: Richard E. Grant in Doctor Who, BBC
Image: Richard E. Grant in Doctor Who, BBC

Richard E. Grant (Jekyll & Hyde) has finally gotten the role he was born to play: a comic book mad scientist. But despite the fact he’s been perfectly cast, we’re actually kind of confused about what exactly he’ll be doing in Wolverine 3.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Grant will play a “villainous mad-scientist type,” which, in the broad scheme of comics, could be any one of a hojillion characters. But the most persistent rumor is that the third Wolverine movie is going to tackle the Old Man Logan plot, and there just isn’t a mad scientist in that story. Like, not even a little.

Unless “mad-scientist type” is literally a phrase that just means “over-the-top character,” we have no idea how his casting fits into the proposed plot. Although we totally don’t care if it means Grant is playing Mr. Sinister.

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