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Now that that's in your head for the next 60-90 minutes, you can consider plonking down $3 to stream PUSA's complete catalog to your iPhone/iTouch. Is this the future of iTunes music distribution?


Since it's only a streamer, the app basically serves as a $3 rental of the band's entire catalog, including the rare 500-cassette-only demo FroggyStyle which you've been scouring for on eBay. If you want to listen to the music outside of the app, there's a handy link to the iTunes store to purchase everything you'll stream.

Eliot "All In" Van Buskirk over at Wired talked to PUSA's lead singer Dave Dederer, whose post-PUSA ventures in online music streaming as the vice president of nuTsie led to the app's creation. It's definitely a cool way to give fans the chance to try before they buy, without actually giving away the whole album for free. That is, until Audio Hijack comes to the iPhone and the currently safe-from-P2P streaming previews get ripped—then it's all over. But for now it's a cool way for indie bands (who have the rights to their own music like PUSA does, which isn't always the case) to make their music available in an interesting way, and to collect a little dough in the process. [The Presidents' Music - PUSA - iTunes via Wired and PC World]

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