Professional Pirate: P2P is Killing Piracy

Tony, a professional pirate, is pissed at P2P for taking away his business. While it used to be that pros (the guys that sell pirated CDs and DVDs) would have had an easy time getting customers, people are now unwilling to pay for illegal material they can get for free online.

"File-sharing, P2P—call it what you like. When you asked a customer why he wasn't buying anything, 9 times out of 10 it was 'BitTorrent this, LimeWire that'. Add that to the fact that huge numbers of PC users have burners and fast broadband and its obvious why I had to get out and earn a living another way. We had it good for a while but I don't think those days are coming back."

People seem willing to pay for legal music, however, proving that people know that there's value in paying for music online if they know the money will get to the people who deserve it. People like Tony get no sympathy.


Say it with me: get rid of DRM and we'll buy more music, get rid of DRM and we'll buy more music, get rid of DRM and we'll buy more music. Music fans are not inherent criminals.

TorrentFreak [via BoingBoing]


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