Professor X Chair Dispenses Vodka, Announces Presence with Arduino Sounds and Smoke

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This fully-functional wheelchair comes complete with, well, everything I could possibly think of that's necessary for something to be called a Steampunk Professor X chair. Vodka cranberry dispenser? Yes. Booming Arduino/Adafruit sound effects? Sure! Working smokestack? Why, yes!

Better still, there's video of the creator tooling around a model railroad museum, confusing and fascinating bystanders with his booze-dealing contraption of wonder. And yes, builder Daniel Valdez looks like Professor X:

Says Valdez on some of the specifics:

What you get when you mix an 1875 Eastlake Victorian platform rocking chair with a Permobil C300 Power wheelchair and a few trips to an antique store. Toss in screaming digital amped sound system, an event triggered sound processor, oh and a portable smoke machine!


Indeed. As for my thoughts on the chair, I'm just half-glad something called "steampunk" actually does...something, for once. [Flickr via Adafruit - Thanks, Philip]