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Profoundly stupid carjacker blames his crime on The Dark Knight Rises

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Pittsburgh was plunged into a Tinseltown tizzy yesterday when The Dark Knight Rises dropped by to film some fight scenes. Unfortunately, the shoot also brought out the city's criminal lot, which was less cowardly and superstitious and more unlucky and dumb.


Last night, a would-be carjacker attempted to purloin a police vehicle from a cop. When he realized he had crapped the catbird seat, the crook pretended to be a Hollywood hotshot. Explains WPXI:

Micah Calamosca, 21, opened the passenger side door of an unmarked police car and sat down inside.

He told the driver to get out of the car because he was planning on taking it. Calamosca did not realize he was talking to a police officer.

The driver, plainclothes Detective Robert DiGiacomo [...] exited the vehicle, to put some space between himself and Calamosca, then drew his weapon and ordered Calamosca out of the vehicle at gun point.

According to the criminal complaint, Calamosca told the detective that he was an actor working for the Batman movie that was being filmed in the area and his actions were just part of the script.


To make matters worse, the detective was already on the lookout for an assault suspect who fit Calamosca's description. Perhaps this arrest was viral marketing for Cluemaster's appearance in the film? After all, that doofus was always setting himself up to get caught. In any case, this deserves to be chronicled in the Annals of Great Stupid Bat-Crime.

Photo via Pardon My Back.