PS2 Gets 1:1 Swordfighting Game Using EyeToy

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It looks like the PS2 is going to beat the Wii MotionPlus to market in delivering one-to-one swordfighting. It's using the EyeToy-the camera peripheral released in 2003-to map your motions with a toy sword onto actions taking place on the screen. You'll get "first person gameplay" where "you are the hero of the game," and from the cartoony screenshots, it doesn't seem too bad. Hmmmm. One-to-one swordfighting might be used pretty well in another industry, if you know what I mean. [Dark Zero via Kotaku]


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Here's the problem I encountered...

I got a PS3 with backwards compatibility, and then picked up a PS3 eye with Eye of Judgment. Now, EOJ is a terrible game, but that's not the main problem. The main problem is that the new PS3 eye does not work with the PS2 EyeToy software. As a PS3 owner, if I want to use any of the PS2 EyeToy software, I need to get a PS2 EyeToy.

Now my TeeVee has 2 eye cameras atop it, one for the PS3 and one for the PS2. Atop that, all games are really imprecise unless the lighting is PERFECT. I really wanted a number of the games to work well, but there are certain times of day where the lighting in the room make the games completely unplayable.

The eye games are great ideas, but I'd rather have my Wii remote any day since it is so much more damn reliable than the flaky responsiveness of the Playstation Eye games, and Sony's stupid move of making the PS3 Eye not backwards compatible with PS2 software.

Oh, I forgot to mention that there us an issue with 2 eye cameras attached. When playing Eye of Judgment, I need to unplug aqll cameras and only plug in the PS3 eye. To play PS2 games, I need to swap cameras again and play the USB game. Things just just freakin' work. If the device is plugged in, and the light is on, it should work.