PS3 Firmware 3.0 Barely Worth Being Leaked

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According to a rumor by VG247, the upcoming PS3 firmware 3.0 has been described as a "huge overhaul." And while it should bring some convenient improvements, absolutely nothing about it sounds worthy of our excitement.

The features, as reported by VG247:

• Player reputations ("he's a good guy" so I know to play with him)
• Grief reporting ("she hit me!" screengrabs sent to Sony)
• Background patch downloading (no longer stare at status bars, nice!)
• Simultaneous HDMI and digital audio output (handy)


But what about these updates isn't just playing catch-up? The best feature, background downloading, is something that should have been around years ago. The last time Jason Chen and I tried to play PS3, there were no less than 5 patches that needed to download and install. We eventually gave up.

VG247 promises that we'll see more in firmware 3.0. I hope that's the case. [vg247]