PS3 Firmware 3.0 Brings Bigger Icons and Better Themes

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I'm actually a big fan of Sony's XMB, but if I didn't own a large plasma, it would be pretty tough to read. Luckily, some interface tweaks are coming in Sony's 3.0 firmware to address the problem.

Specifically, a new "What's New" folder replaces the Information Board. Highlighting this folder produces large icon pop-ups that will link you straight to a recently played game or a spot on the web. This icon system is used in the PS Store as well, connecting you to video content and games with a bit more ease.


Themes, too, are seeing a bit of a revamp, including premium options with avatars and animated backdrops. Yeah, premium themes copy Microsoft a bit, but that's not necessarily bad for anyone.

For a better picture of the new stuff than my words can paint, Sony has made this video for you. Enjoy it, friends.
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Look for firmware 3.0 "soon." [PlayStation Blog]