Now that all the lawsuit business is over between Sony and Immersion, the former is free to incorporate rumble back into their controllers. The PlayStation Magazine France edition has some details on the upcoming rumbling gamepads.

First, all that motion sensing can co-exist with rumble. Who'd have thought? Oh, right, everyone but Sony.


We seriously can't make heads of tails of this French/English translation below, but we think there shouldn't be much difference in the construction of the controller. It doesn't seem like it will consume more battery than the old controller even if there's rumble? And you'll be able to use rumble on PS2 games once the firmware's updated. Seriously, you try and read this thing.

- the gyroscopic functions can cohabit with the vibrations. The explanation? The speed to which a player can move the lever is quite lower at the speed of the vibrations.
- the engine of vibration could be inclu in the lever without having to modify the form of it. There is enough place for the new engine, and this one, concus by Immersion, are lighter for an obstruction equivalent.
- One indeed has to expect a reduction in the autonomy of Sixaxis. Nevertheless, the new engine of vibration does not consume more than the old models (Dualshock) in spite of the fact that it is more powerful.
- the new engine is less expensive to build, and a possible rise in price of the pad should be only very light.
- With an update of the firmware, we will be able to have the vibrations for plays PS2

Maxconsole [via Gamerush]