PS3 Slim Eats Half the Electicity of the PS3 Fat

Sony claims that their new PS3 Slim uses 34% less power than previous generations. But when Crave compared the original 60GB PS3 to the Slim (even further back in the line), they found power savings to be greater than 50%.


Whether it's Blu-ray playback, gaming or just idling the system, the PS3 Slim uses less than half the power of the original.

So is that impressive? Yes and no.

Yes, because the PS3 Slim now uses about half the power of the original Xbox 360 while gaming, and about 10% less during normal gaming (96 watts vs 187 106 watts). No, because the PS3 Slim still uses about 4x more power during Blu-ray playback than you see in a Samsung standalone player (81 watts vs 22 watts).

In other words, the PS3 Slim is efficient for an HD game console, wasteful for a Blu-ray player. [Crave]

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