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This handheld runs on Linux, and we all know that means it can do everything but clean the crumbs from under your keyboard. The GP2X player has a dual core ARM processor, 64mb NAND Flash RAM, SD memory card slot, a 3.5" TFT screen. It plays photos, movies, music and games, you could even read an eBook because you are probably smart like that if you own this gadgy. Utilities and emulators? Don't bore me with your silly questions. Think Quake, Doom, SNES, Megadrive, MAME, and media players galore. You can even connect the GP2X to a TV. For a more than reasonable $190, you'll get the player, USB Cable, manual and 1-year warranty. Oh, also, it runs on two AA batteries. What does PSP stand for now, huh? Pretty Sucky Peripheral? Poor Sony Poo-poo?

OK. We will try to keep it simple


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