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You know a virus or piece of malware is bad when Symantec starts giving a shit. Well they've dubbed the first piece of trojan software for the PlayStation Portable "PSPBrick." The key thing about PSPBrick though is that it can only work if you've got your PSP patched to run homebrew software. Otherwise, no worries. So if you break your warranty, you're at risk. Fair trade, right? PSPBrick will turn your PSP into a useless piece of machinery—slather some mortar on the back and lay it into your garden wall. The only defense against PSPBrick is some homebrew code written by Dark Killer called PSafeP that will combat malware on the PSP. If it's too late though, and you've got a PSP that's a brick, well too bad. There is currently no fix to get your important firmware files back and the cheapest alternative is to buy a $99 replacement board you can install yourself. Good luck, and don't say I didn't warn you!

PSP fake patcher trojan gets a name [Afterdawn]