Psystar May Be Preparing Netbook with Mac OS X Preinstalled

Repeat after me: Psystar computers are not Mac OS X clones (to be Mac clones they need EFI firmware. They don't have it and that's why they are as crappy as any other Hackintosh computer.) That out of the way, according to a MacRumors reader, they are preparing a netbook with the hackintosh version of Mac OS X pre-installed.


There are no more details about this potential product, but if they are going to work as badly as the ones you can hack yourself—which is most likely the case—I don't want to know about them. [MacRumors]



Perhaps if they did the cosmetic changes on a netbook that most Hackintoshers do (or want to do, but are too afraid to do), but then again, I'd want an Apple logo, not a Psystar one, and knowing them, they'll use their logo first.