Pump Yourself Up For Astro Boy With Latex Cosplay

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Prepare for the release of this year's Astro Boy movie, with this bizarre and slightly disturbing cosplay tribute to Osamu Tezuka's famous robotic boy dynamo.

Okay, I admit it; I'm creeped out by that photo. It's the headpiece, which doesn't just have that disturbingly shocked expression but is, in fact, inflatable:

The main feature, its head is based upon a solid head box, a plastic skull so to speak. This makes it easy to put on and remove the head once inflated unlike a hood based product of a similar nature. This also allows for breathing as air can flow in and around the face.


In fact, the boots are inflatable, as well:

The entire costume inflates using as few valves as possible usually one per item, one in the head, one in a boot... ect. The valves used are recycled bike valves making it very easy to blow up the costume using a variety of inflation devises from large foot pumps to small discreet hand pumps. Deflating is just as simple with the use of a valve remover to unscrew the core allowing the air to flow out.


No word, yet, on whether the pants have also been inflated.

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