Punch-drunk imp terrorizing Argentinian town

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Here's some more weirdness from Argentina, courtesy of the eminently entertaining Inexplicata blog. According to police of the town of Suncho Corral, an "imp" with a proclivity for boxing is making residents' lives extremely harrowing.


From Rosario 3 (translation via Inexplicata):

Local residents state that the small creature appears in dark places and pummels people. Police has issued a statement asking people not to walk alone in the dark [...] The Nuevo Diario de Santiago del Estero newspaper reports that residents of Suncho Corral allege that the imp appears in the pre-dawn hours, adding that it also attacked a child on its way to visit a friend's house.

Another local was startled by the creature as he went for a ride in his bike. The creature supposedly wore "an enormous hat and had large ears."


According to a local priest, exorcisms are in order to get rid of this brawling elfling. This doesn't seem necessary, as assiduous news coverage of elves, imps, and leprechauns tends to make them disappear.

Artwork is from the Magic: The Gathering card Shelkin Brownie, which — on a totally unrelated note — is one of the most useless Magic cards ever printed. Painting by Douglas Shuler.