Do you remember five years ago, when you could spot an iPod/iPhone owner from a mile away by their standard issue white Apple earbuds? There's much more headphone diversity these days, but buds are still immensely popular and Apple sells bunches of them. Fanny Wang wants to stick it to Apple hard with Wang Buds.

Unlike in-ear headphones that actually go inside your ear canal, Wang Buds rest just outside. From the point of view of sound quality and ergonomics, in-ear monitors are better headphones, but some people find them uncomfortable, and hey, some people just like buds. For $80, Fanny Wang gives you a colorful alternative to Apple's stock offering. They've got soft-gel silicon tips that are comfortable and should stay put better than most other buds. If this is your style, Wang Buds are probably worth a shot because Apple buds are garbage. [Fanny Wang]