Put Woz In All Your Favorite TV Shows

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The Woz is going to dance tonight and kick everyone ass with his wicked moves, but there's so much more TV potential in our favorite tech personality ever. Imagine the possibilities, people.


Admiral Woz Adama, Starsky and Woz, Woz jumping on Oprah's sofa, Woz lost in Lost, Woz running with Pamela Anderson in Baywatch... the potential is so big that it is scary. This could be our finest hour ever. Or the biggest disaster in the history of these contests.


Send me your best entries at contests@gizmodo.com with "Woz on TV" in the subject line by this Wednesday at noon. Name your files with a FirstnameLastname.jpg naming convention and use JPG or PNG as your file types. And have fun with it! Now get to it.

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"Admiral Woz Abama..."

Battlewoz Galactiwoz?