Qik Cellphone Video-Streaming Now on BlackBerry

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Click to viewQik's handy video streaming app has been out, in real or test release for the iPhone, HTCs and Nokias, but not Blackberry... until now that is. The company's just released an alpha version BlackBerry client, working best under the 4.5 OS, and running on Pearl 8120/8130, Curve 8320/8330 and Bold. A version for the flip 8220 is due soon. Press release below. [Qik via Slashphone]

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – October 26, 2008 – Qik, Inc., the leading live mobile video streaming platform, today announced alpha support for Blackberry devices from Research In Motion (RIM), including Blackberry Pearl and BlackBerry Bold. With Qik's free service, users can stream video live to the Internet in just two clicks from their mobile phone. Those watching the videos on the Web can take part in live interactive chat with the person broadcasting. “We are excited to bring our lifestyle technology to the millions of Blackberry users worldwide,” said Ramu Sunkara, co-founder and CEO of Qik. “In our quest to bring mobile live video sharing to the masses, we now support the broadest range of platforms including Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Java-enabled mass market phones.” BlackBerry mobile phones are among the most popular smartphones in North America, and are especially favored for fast and easy access to email. The addition of live video streaming to the phones' capabilities brings a whole new dimension of functionality to BlackBerry handsets. Qik is initially launching in alpha on the following handsets running Blackberry Operating System 4.5 and above: Blackberry Pearl 8120, Blackberry Pearl 8130 and Blackberry Bold. Support for Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 will be available soon. Owners of the above devices can get Qik by registering at http://qik.com/. Support for these devices is expected to enter beta in the coming weeks, and support for additional BlackBerry handsets is expected soon after. The Pope, Senator Barack Obama, Bono, and Steve Jobs are just a few of the notables to be streamed live to the web by Qik users in more than 150 countries. Journalists are using Qik to be more transparent in their reporting, and politicians worldwide are employing Qik as they campaign on a more engaging Web platform. Parents around the planet are easily sharing family events as they happen through Qik on their cell phones. With simple but robust software and a feature-rich site, tens of thousands of Qik users are streaming important moments live to the people with whom they want to share. Qik, in addition to being the live mobile to web video service of a number of popular technology bloggers and journalists, is also delivering exciting footage shot by a wide selection of users across entertainment, business, sports, and technology. Recent Qik videos of note have included behind the scenes footage from Sarah Palin and Joe Biden's vice presidential debate, interviews with comedian Dane Cook, the launch of Apple's new notebook computers, and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's speech reacting to the global economic climate.