Qik Video Streaming Finally Comes to iPhone

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Qik has a video showing off a demo app for the iPhone, bringing the popular video streaming service to the Apple platform. The iPhone isn't designed to record video, but Qik has not only made it possible to record, but also stream it to their lifecasting site, where people can watch your handiwork. Much like the video apps from Sling and Flixwagon, Qik appears to be running an unofficial app on a jailbroken iPhone. The demo looks very plain, in terms of UI, but the video streams to the Qik site like any other phone client. Qik expects to get alpha versions of the software out soon. Consider us interested. [Qik]


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@HawkSkater0: Why would I sweat over you watching videos on your iPhone? Gasp! It's not.......porn.....is it??