Because Why Wouldn't Weed Be Totally Legal in North Korea?

For such a notoriously repressive regime, the DPRK's Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland party is surprisingly lenient when it comes to enforcing drug laws. According to a report from Big Buds, visitors to the Hermit Kingdom return with tales of cannabis and opium use that is not only legal but socially accepted as well. The green grown there may just be indigenous ditch weed but it's still a valued commodity among North Koreans—so much so that many citizens are reluctant to discuss the subject with foreigners for fear that the country may become "the next Amsterdam." But, you know, without all those pesky human rights. [Big Buds]


Mission Impossible - Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys

At least she's not dressed up like a fucking elf this time. [VVV]


When the Zombies Come

Like The Office (but, you know, not insultingly trite), this short mocumentary from Jon Hurst follows a band of ACE Hardware employees as they stave off the soul-crushing boredom of having to work at ACE Hardware by preparing for a hypothetical zombiepocalypse. The film will make its big screen debut at Sundance but you can catch it now on YouTube.


Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones thought they were doing good, giving folks in the San Francisco Bay Area a free concert at Altamont Raceway in December 1969. However, the decision to trade the Hell's Angels unlimited beer for their security services was, in retrospect, probably not the best of ideas—what with the stabbings, beatings, deaths, and generalized mayhem that comes with mixing 300,000 hippies and a large contingent of bikers. Gimme Shelter, a feature length documentary by Albert and David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin premiered in 1970 and takes an unblinking look at how things escalated so quickly. I mean, that got out of hand really fast. [Open Culture]


How to Catch the Same Train in Consecutive Stations

Hint: Run. [VVV]