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Racism-Curing Pills Are Apparently a Thing Now?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Researchers at Oxford University claim to have discovered a "cure" for racism, in pill form. It only (supposedly!) stamps out biologically-inherent discrimination, apparently, so if someone's been Clockwork Oranged into a life of hate, maybe it won't be so helpful. But, to repeat: RACISM-CURING PILL.

Propranolol is a beta-blocker that's used to reduce blood pressure, but the Oxford study found that it has the peripheral side effect of reducing subconscious racism, which is triggered by the autonomic nervous system. The study took 36 white males and gave half 40mg of Propranolol, and half a placebo. Then after two hours they were made to categorize words like "happy" and "evil," and also black and white people's faces. There was a statistically relevant enough difference in the groups to lead the scientists to believe that the drug can actually have an effect on racial bias.


Clearly, this is a very small sample size consisting entirely of white males, but that is still fairly astounding and okay yes ridiculous. It will all be much more astounding and believable after a much wider sample is submitted.

The findings, if proven out, would be really great in theory, but probably pose an infinitely innavigable morass of regulations and cable news yelling. A lot of the latter to do with racism-killing pills eliminating most of cable news's content, but whatever. How would you even begin to prescribe this drug—especially against someone's will? I'll tell you how: GOVERNMENT-BACKED MIND CONTROL INITIATIVES. [Telegraph via Yahoo via Fark]