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With Japan's population getting ever older, inventions like tea serving, dish-washing robots and voice-processing cellphones are becoming a reality. Since we already covered the robots, let's focus on NTT DoCoMo's Raku-Raku phone. This senior friendly device offers a "slow voice" function, which slows down words for easier comprehension, and a "clear voice" function, which is essentially a noise processing solution to drown out surrounding sound.


Other features that don't annoy the person who's calling you are text-to-speech for email and web page text and a pedometer to figure out how much you're exercising. If you ask us, we'd just insert this function into those dish washing robots and have them follow us around as a bodyguard/companion.

What's that you say? Phone for seniors slows down voices, eh? [Digital World Tokyo via Textually]

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