We made a lot of predictions about what we'd see today at Apple's keynote over the past few weeks, and we were right some of the time and wrong some of the time. Mostly, however, we were right. I know, I know; I'm as surprised as you are. Let's take a look and see just how good we are at predicting Apple's moves.


-The iPod Touch Mock-Up looks pretty close to what we got, although Jesus got a little overambitious with that fancy home button. Oh, and no Bluetooth. But otherwise, bravo, J man.

-The iPod Nano Mock-up was also spot-on. Nice.

-We also called the (PRODUCT) RED Shuffle, right on cue.

-We predicted that you'd soon be able to make ringtones out of iTunes songs for an additional fee, but we didn't know the exact pricing or details of the editor. Whatever, close enough.

-We called the Wifi Music Store, albeit vaguely and with a lot of hedging.

-We wondered about 160GB iPods when Samsung announced they had made the proper sized HDDs that large.


Not Right… Yet:

-I swear, one of these days at one of these keynotes Jobs will announce that The Beatles are coming to iTunes so we can shut up about this once and for all.

-Along the same lines, there's no Yellow Submarine iPod to commemorate that non-existent deal.


Less Than Right:

-We kind of mixed up the iPod Touch and iPod Nano rumors, imagining a kind of dumb fat nano with a touchscreen. Way to not do that, Apple!


Well, that's pretty damned impressive, if I do say so myself. None of our predictions were completely out-of-the-ballpark crazy, and we nailed most of the major announcements today. The real surprise was the iPod Classic and iPod Touch doubleheader. We'll try to get 100% of it right next time.