Unconfirmed: New iPod Nanos Coming Next Week, Called iPod Touch?

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The last few months of iPod rumors have all come down to this, a final push before the supposed launch next week. What's going to be new? Supposedly, a two-inch-square flash-based iPod that may be called the iPod Touch, based on the fact that it's going to play back video and cost $299 and $399 for 4GB and 8GB.


If the rumor is true, It would essentially be a phone-less iPhone, which was what everyone's been thinking Apple would bring. It makes sense that they're not following up with a 6G iPod that looks exactly like the iPhone, instead making a smaller nano with a larger screen that fits easily in your pocket. Then later this year or early next year they can come out with a big 6G iPod with a huge 16:9 screen and an iPhone-like interface. Of course, this is all conjecture now, but the pieces do start to fit together. [9 to 5 Mac]

Update: The link's gone down because of supposed TOS violations. Should be back up in a few days.


Everything is always iPod. But what about the Creative Zen, which is better than the iPod?

Creative has just beaten Apple by releasing a 16GB Zen V+ Flash Video player. It also has Microphone & Line-in Recording and landscape screen rotation. The iPod Nano has none of these features.