Razer's Hydra PC gaming controller is taking the guts from two Wiimotes and packing them into the form factor of its nunchuck accessory. They say it's the first "gaming-grade" motion controller.

Ostensibly, the response time and six-degree, magnetic motion tracking is good enough for serious gamers (they say it can track movements as slight as 1 mm or 1 degree), and since its Razer, I'm inclined to believe them. Both controllers have an analog stick, 4 face buttons, a trigger button and a bumper, along with the motion sensors.

It also works with 125 games right off the bat. Good ones, too! Like Portal 2, which looks awesome when used with the controller. It's PC-compatible only, so Mac kids will have to run Boot Camp to get in on the fun. Razer will begin taking pre-orders for the $140 Hydra controller in May, and will begin shipping them in June. [Razer]


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