Illustration for article titled Razers Twiddly Onza Xbox 360 Controller Hands On: A Console Controller for PC Nerds

If you applied a PC gamer's obsession with gear and tweakability to a console controller, Razer's Onza Xbox 360 controller is basically what you'd expect: Reprogrammable buttons, elongated triggers, two extra buttons and joystick tension adjustment (!).


Razer's crammed an extra button onto each shoulder, which can be mapped using the switches on the back of the controller, and warped the traditional trigger into something the swoops out much further, reminding me of extra-long fingernails. The sticks feel a bit too tall, a consequence of the twist-and-click dial for adjusting how hard you have to click on the joystick button. The D-pad is great, on par with the special one on Mad Catz's SFIV pad. It's clear after playing some Halo ODST, though, that the new configuration would take some getting used to, even though the shape of the controller is as good as Microsoft's own.

It's corded, which is the real dealbreaker here. But we'll see when this thing gets final.

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