Razor's Lil' Crazy Lets Three-Year-Olds Drift Around the Daycare

Razor's Crazy Cart is just about the most fun anyone can have on a motorized vehicle without a driver's license. And in addition to the versions already available for both teenagers and adults, Razor is introducing a new model called the Lil' Crazy for kids who've just mastered walking, but realize that drifting is just a much better way to get around.

But with a top speed of just two miles per hour and simplified controls, parents don't need to worry about their toddlers tearing up the living room carpet. The Crazy Cart's crucial drift lever is MIA here, but the $100 Lil' Crazy still has rotating casters on the bottom that lets kids spin and slide around corners, getting them hooked on drifting before they even master a tricycle. [Razor]


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