We've heard some about how Red Bull's chief engineer (with the help of NASA) managed to drop daredevil extraordinaire Felix Baumgartener from the edge of space and see him back down in one piece. But now a new documentary is going to give us—or Rdio subscribers, rather—a behind the scenes peek at what it takes to for a human to break the sound barrier with body alone.


Produced by Red Bull Media House, Mission to the Edge of Space: The Inside Story Behind Red Bull Stratos explores the entire five years prior to Felix's actual 128,000-foot jump—years which are, apparently, rife with "undisclosed drama" and technical failures that threatened to call off the mission entirely. And if the ultimate goal is to send a body hurtling down at 843.6 miles per hour before landing safely on soft ground, you can understand why there might have been a few bumps in the road.

Just as Netflix and Hulu—among many others—have been getting into the exclusive content game, this is Rdio's attempt at biting off some of that exclusivity for themselves. You can watch the full documentary starting on the one-year anniversary of the jump, October 14, and it will be available for three months following. Of course, you'll need an Rdio account, which you can register for (free!) over at Rdio's Red Bull Stratos homepage.