Rumor: Amazon Is Readying a Web TV Box (Again)

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Re/code is reporting that Amazon is getting ready to launch an Android-powered web TV box to compete with Roku and and Apple.


Sources tell Peter Kafka that Amazon "is aiming for a March rollout" of the set-top box, which was rumored to arrive last year in time for the holidays. Which it didn't. Certainly a box makes sense for Amazon, though, given the Instant Video service it offers its Prime members.

Previous reports have suggested that Amazon's streaming experience would be based on a forked Android OS possibly called Kindle TV, and Kafka's sources reaffirm that. If true, it would certainly seem sensible, given that Amazon already works with Android on the Kindle Fire.


But by March? Maybe, maybe not. We keep hearing of this rumor again and again, which either means that people are simply willing it to happen or that Amazon is just dragging its heels. We'll just have to wait see. [Re/code]

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With the initial kindle Amazon lost 6$ on each hardware device and expected to make the money on content purchases.

I wonder why they don't focus on getting their clients on every device out there, and making it the obvious (advertised) go to place for movies/music/and even items (prime account portal).

Is it the licensing to get their client on devices (ANDROID PLEASE!).