Read the first 111 pages of the new dystopian YA novel Across the Universe

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A girl goes into cryo-suspension for an interstellar trip, only to wake early into a dystopian hell in Beth Revis' Across The Universe. Here's an exclusive look at the first 111 pages of this "Titanic meets Brave New World" novel.

In Across The Universe, which goes on sale today, Amy goes into cryogenic sleep for the 300-year journey to another planet, aboard the vast spaceship Godspeed. But 50 years before the ship is supposed to land, someone disconnects Amy's cryo chamber and she nearly dies. She finds herself trapped in a giant ship where the other awake passengers have given up all control to a tyrant named Eldest and his rebellious teenage son, Elder. Amy has to decide whether to trust Elder — and she has to uncover the secrets of the ship, before whoever tried to kill her tries a second time.

Here are the first 111 pages of the novel, which we'll keep up on the site until 11:11 PM, EST (or 8:11 PST).Sadly, we've had to remove those pages now. Thanks for checking them out!


Also, here's an awesome-looking blueprint of the vast colony ship Godspeed, via Amazon: