Good news, everyone! (God dammit, me.) We've known for a bit that Funko had absorbed the Futurama franchise into the bulbous mass of its licensing hive mind, as it has with every other property on the planet, but now they've teased a first look at the actual figures. They've got actual noses and everything!

I mean sure, all of Funko's pop vinyl's have teeny noses, but it's a cool nod to Futurama's aesthetic that Fry and Leela come complete with more ample noses in this first wave of toys based on the series. Of course, Bender doesn't need one, because that's how Bender rolls, but he does come with a tiny beer bottle in hand. The three Planet Express employees are joined by the Robot Devil himself as the fourth figure in the line. Check him out below:


Although I guess it's part of the Funko pop look, Bender looks a bit strange with his mouth, so I'm quite glad that Robot Devil has his slack-jawed mouth intact for his figure. You can almost hear the delectable tones of Dan Castellaneta in your mind when you see him.

The ceaseless march of the Funko Pop Legion will add these Futurama toys to their ranks in April.

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