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Real Flying Saucer Takes to the Air

Discover is reporting on researchers at GFS Projects in England, who have now created an unmanned flying saucer, or depending on your point of view, an unmanned flying lawnmower without wheels or a handle. For now, it's a way-cool radio controlled aircraft, but maybe someday a real flying saucer could result from this experiment.

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This soaring hubcap has a problem with fuel efficiency, though, say the tinkering flyboys. It starts running out of battery power quickly because of all the air it needs to push to stay aloft. Back to the old drawing board?

To hell with pushing air like some kind of reverse upside-down vacuum cleaner—we want an antigravity flying saucer. Until then, this craft, like helicopters albeit to a lesser extent, is a collection of lawnmower parts flying in close formation. [Discovery, via Spluch]

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@ Metalhaze: Lookup "Coanda effect". It's the coanda that makes it special! The enclosed blades in the top generate a low pressure area under the craft due to the airflow over the shape of the body, like an aircraft wing. The vanes on the side prevent tourque spinning and orientation (they move), the flaps on the bottom are for directional control

@navywavy: "Straighten up and Fly Right" is the name of the song...