Rechargeable Espresso Maker: The Most Insane Way To Stay Caffeinated

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A few years ago Stilton released a handheld espresso maker that allowed coffee aficionados to brew up a cup of joe whenever they needed their fix. It was compact, sleek, and everything the Coffee To Go machine from Trisa isn't.

In its defense, on a single charge the considerably bulkier Coffee To Go is able to serve up 16 piping hot espressos before running out of juice. So if you can stash one in an over-sized briefcase, there's the potential of being a hero to a small bus load of under-caffeinated corporate types. But with a price tag of over $540, this pricey portable percolator seems squarely targeted at the 17 people in the country who don't have easy access to a Starbucks just around the corner. [Trisa via Appliancist]