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Recycling Paper from Poop—I'm Not Sure I Want to Save the Planet That Badly

Illustration for article titled Recycling Paper from Poop—Im Not Sure I Want to Save the Planet emThat/em Badly

Would you lick an envelope made from used toilet paper? One Israeli firm hopes you will. Don't gag, paper consumption is at an all-time high (damn Belgium, save some for later) and something must be done.


Applied Clean Tech collects the solid sludge from water treatment plants and, through a proprietary method, extracts the cellulose from the used bog rolls, human feces, and other solid sludge. This is then cleaned, sterilized, and repressed like sheets of poopyrus. The result looks much like particle board and could reportedly support up to 10 percent of the world's paper needs while reducing the amount of sludge waste reaching land fills by 75 percent.


"We've actually discovered a new source of paper," Rafael Aharon, founder and CEO of ACT told TreeHugger. "A real good source if you collect it from the point we do, the point before the biological processes of the wastewater treatment plant destroy it."

The company is negotiating with North American municipalities for...source process. It hopes to eventually expand its product offerings beyond envelopes to other packaging, including for food. Just make sure they get sent to Belgium first. [Applied Clean Tech via Treehugger - Image: Jarp2 / Shutterstock]

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I'm sure the paper produced from this is total crap.