RedEye Makes Your iPhone a Universal Remote Control

After months of private beta testing, ThinkFlood's RedEye goes on sale today. You control the dock using an iPhone app via Wi-Fi, and it sends out infrared signals to control your AV gear. At $188, it's not crazy expensive, either.

I mean, the Logitech Harmony 900 costs $400, and even the Harmony 700 is $150.


Being touchscreen-based, you can tailor buttons to your lounge room kit, and group multiple devices into single macro "actions". There's also basic use of multi-touch (two finger swipes for volume, for instance), and you can control additional RedEye units that may be setup in different rooms.

The kit works with any iPhone or iPod touch, but doesn't yet support Bluetooth or Bang and Olufsen devices.


I gotta admit, the RedEye actually seems pretty cool. If the price comes down just a teeny bit, it may become a must-have iPhone accessory. [RedEye]

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