When there’s nothing on TV, and it’s raining outside, and you’re bored of your toys, every kid always has one reliable way to entertain themselves: pretend the floor is lava and do anything you can to cross a room without stepping on it. It used to require a healthy imagination, until someone turned the idea into a video game.


Hot Lava, coming soon to the Steam store, takes the traditional first person shooter in a new direction. Instead of shooting your way through a level, you need to carefully navigate between obstacles, like coffee tables, sofas, and other furniture, that are all precariously floating atop a lava flow.

From the looks of it, Hot Lava will require lightning fast reflexes, both when it comes to sticking your landings, but also when it comes to hitting the quick-save key so you’re not constantly restarting from the beginning every time you land in the lava.


[Hot Lava via Steam via Slorum]

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