Remember The AT&T Ads About the Future? You Will

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Narrated by Tom Selleck, and directed by Fight Club's David Fincher, the ads began in 1993 and were (mostly) remarkably accurate, predicting: E-Books, in-car GPS, tablet PCs, E-ZPass, video conferencing, and video on demand. Take a look:


Also interesting is that the montage comes from a 1993 Newsweek CD-ROM. The theme: That one day, magazines would be sent to you as a CD-ROM sponsored by ads. Uh, no. Crazy to think that was only 16 years ago.

It's ironic that the main two things the ads get wrong are now core AT&T businesses: We don't fax from the beach (we email; but close enough), and we don't video chat from public telephones (or with our iPhones—where's my forward-facing camera damn it).


And as for tele-commuting in your bare feet? Hey, I'm doing that right now… [YouTube via David Pogue]

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I htink at this point Kaiser is the closest to the whole "all your medical history in a card". Which is too bad, because it really is doable.