Brad Pitt's new WWII tank thriller Fury seems to be taking cinemas by storm this week. But before chisel-jawed tank commanders with unfeasibly good hair did the Second World War, there was A Bridge Too Far, an unsurpassed epic that represents the absolute best of the foolish-British-people-getting-slaughtered war-film genre.


Deciding on the best World War II movie isn't an easy task. There are the obvious contenders — Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, probably Band of Brothers if it wasn't several days long. But the 1977 classic A Bridge Too Far has it all: top-notch cast, including Michael Cane and Sean Connery, plucky over-ambitious Brits screwing everything up, good action, a gratuitous love interest, and bad German accents. Best of all, it's all based (only partly loosely) on a true story, so you can pretend you're educating yourself at the same time. In conclusion: two hours and fifty-six minutes of your life well spent.

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