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Remind Others of Your Wealth With The Vertu V Collection

Illustration for article titled Remind Others of Your Wealth With The Vertu V Collection

So you've spent a few grand on a Vertu phone, but need something else to illustrate just how much of a high roller you are. Would a matching Vertu pen, Bluetooth headset and memory card reader do the job?


Sold together under the 'V Collection' title, the pricing hasn't been confirmed yet but we don't need to tell you it'll be more than the average phone costs.

Looking much like the ballpoint pen included in the collection, the Bluetooth 2.1 headset has six hours of talktime, and features a fold-out earpiece with metal ear loop for attaching to your hearing-hole. The memory card reader, which also looks like a pen, only reads microSD cards so won't be of much help to digital camera users unless they use a microSD card adapter too. [Vertu V Collection via SlashGear]

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art deco style is cool and all, but it looks like black plastic with silver plastic from the picture. Not liking that metal sheen, if we're talking expensive here.

Not to mention it's a contrived package - like one of those gift sets you buy on heavy discount at a TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

The bluetooth is cool, but you [should anyway] only have that in the car, and if you were spotted with a bluetooth and matching pen, that screams "I'm trying too hard" - the ultimate in uncool, hardly a status lifter.

I'm not sure I'd like this if it was a gift, for that matter...