Reminder: Join Us At The io9 WonderCon Meetup Tomorrow 4/2

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Going to San Francisco's pop culture extravaganza WonderCon this weekend? Join us for a panel and post-panel meetup next Friday, co-sponsored by SF indie flick In-World War. Details below!

First, the fun stuff.

io9 Meetup:
You don't have to be registered at WonderCon to join us for drinks and fun on Friday night, April 2, at 111 Minna Gallery, just a few blocks from BART on the corner of 2nd St. and Minna. Entry is free. We'll be there from 7-9 PM.


This meetup is co-sponsored and was kindly arranged by the folks behind SF indie flick In-World War, featuring (swoon) Erin Grey!


Now, the cool stuff.

Immediately before the meet-up, WonderCon attendees are cordially invited to come to a panel about indie SF movies:

What's Next in New Indie Sci-Fi Movies
Friday April 2
Moscone South, Room 232/234


Here are the details:

The most innovative sci-fi movies aren't from Hollywood, but from the exploding indie/DIY sci-fi film movement. Get a sneak peek at red-hot upcoming indie sci-fi with DJ Bad Vegan (In-World War), Andrew Gernhart (Opponent), Lee Citron (Android Love), Lynn Hershmann (Killer App), Annalee Newitz (editor-in-chief of io9), and Mark Stolaroff (Pig).


Images from In-World War.